Did you know that 98% of Australians under 60years old have a Facebook account? So, if you are in business you have probably already figured out the potential for utlising Facebook to advertise your brand to these 16 million people. 40% of all businesses in the U.S are using Facebook as part of their marketing strategy, however, most Australian businesses are a bit behind, they are curious – have messed around a bit, but are a little wary of seriously investing in the platform.

A barrier to getting started on Facebook is setting up the business page properly. In this article I provide 10 tips – to get your business Facebook page set up properly, so you can make the most of this popular platform.

1. Make sure you are setting up a Facebook Business or Fan Page:

Not a personal page. This may seem obvious to most people, but you would be surprised how many people think they need to create a new personal page. If you create a personal page you will not have access to any of the advertising tools available on Facebook, so it is really important you DO NOT do this. To create a Facebook business page you need to bump of a personal page to do so – the business owner is usually the best person for this and can be done by clicking create page in the settings menu.

2. Choose a descriptive and memorable username:

(e.g., www.facebook.com/yourbusiness). By default, your page will be given a random URL comprised of numbers. Your username should accurately convey the topic of your page or your full business name so search engines and customers can find you in Google and Facebook search.

3. Use descriptive keywords in your About section:

Be sure to accurately describe your business and products, using keywords customers might use in search queries. Be sure to include your website URL in your description to encourage clicks through to your site.

4. Ensure you’ve used the appropriate category for your business:

If you have more than one location – do not create multiple pages for each location, you can add subpages or locations to your main page. The options for adding locations are on the left side bar of your Business Facebook page. This means you can set up maps with the exact locations of each of your business locations – later on it can help people to find you.

5. Optimize your page images:

Your cover and profile photos are what visitors will first see when arriving at your page. Your images should be professional quality, and should accurately reflect the look and feel of your brand. Ensure they meet the optimal size requirements so they don’t appear skewed: your cover photo should be 851x315 pixels and your profile photo should be 160x160 pixels.

6. Make the most of pinned posts:

Research and experience tells us that most people will visit your page wall only once. They will like your page, and then continue to interact with your posts that appear in their newsfeed – but will rarely (if ever) visit your wall. For this reason, your page’s primary function is to get people to click that ‘Like’ button. Facebook allows page admins to pin one post to the top of their page. Ensure that the topic of this post is interesting, unique and contains an eye-catching image. And encourage reviews on your business – reviews are a great way to provide trust on your business.

7. When used correctly, groups can be an incredible source of traffic:

In the Macarthur area Local groups you can join include the Camden/Narellan community notice board, the Macarthur noticeboard and the Wollondilly noticeboard, each locality usually has at least one. You might already know some that are specific to your industry. Most of these notice boards allow businesses to put up one post per week with a link back to their Facebook business page or website.

8. Share your blogs:

If you have a website – make sure you have your social sharing buttons on your web pages, so that any interesting content you post can be easily shared. Your website and Facebook page should work together seamlessly. If you notice that your website does not have this – ask your web developer. And when you do write blogs – make sure you share them on your own social media, by posting the links.

9. Utilise the service or products section:

This again is on the left hand side of your page. You can add your products and prices for people to be able to see what you can offer as part of your service.

10. Use apps:

There are many great apps available for Facebook – if you run a service industry you can offer appointments to people directly from Facebook and sync these directly to your diary. Setmore is a free appointment app for Facebook that is easy to set up and easy to use.

These 10 tips will help you make the most of your Facebook Business page. Now you are set up you will need to consider;

        • A content strategy
        • how often you are able to post
        • a review strategy
        • a process for handling negative reviews

Hayley has 3 1/2 years experience working with Facebook Business Pages and Facebook Advertising. She is currently a member of the Eight Loop Social Facebook Mastermind Group, the closed group Facebook Ads that convert and Facebook Ad Hacks. She has also received her Facebook Blue Print Certification for Facebook Advertising, AB Split Testing, Using Reach Ads and Facebook  Pixel Installation. She has worked predominantly with Professional Services, but has had successful results with ads for appliance sales and driving sales to stores.

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