Facebook Advertising – who sees your ads?

Facebook Advertising – who sees your ads?

Facebook Advertising can be a bit of an enigma. Many businesses have tried Facebook advertising in the last few years and had mixed results – some may have even given up. Most businesses are not aware of how extensive the options are for them to advertise using the Facebook Advertising tools and as a result, are missing an excellent opportunity to advertise and brand their business.

In the last 12 months, Facebook has rolled out some pretty sophisticated advertising tools. They can be a bit tricky to understand – however, they offer advertisers variety and creative options to reach their audience on various different platforms throughout the internet…… that’s right – the internet! Facebook advertising now extends beyond the social platform itself – and displays your ads on Instagram, throughout Facebook – including messenger and Audience Network.

Facebook Advert Placements

Now there are all of these advert placements available you might ask – “Do I have to spend more dollars, to design separate ads for all of these placements?”. The answer is No, Facebook will optimise your original advert and dynamically resize it to suit the placement. One advert to suit them all!

Most of you will know that Facebook owns Instagram – so it makes sense that your Facebook ads will be shown on this platform, but what about Audience Network – how does this feature display ads outside of Facebook?
Audience Network taps into thousands of apps and websites that have used Facebook to launch and advertise. These sites have installed the Facebook SDK code (similar to the Facebook Pixel) and their app or website now talks to Facebook. When the apps owner/developer originally installed the code, they were given the option to monetise the app or site – if they select yes (which many do) they are agreeing to allow adverts from Facebook to display on their app or site. They are paid by Facebook to allow the ads to be displayed on their platform. So not only does this provide new opportunities for advertisers to reach their audience outside of Facebook, it also provides additional income for partnered apps and websites. A win win situation.

Facebook is constantly evolving and adding clever tools for businesses to advertise and leverage it’s 1.8 billion active Facebook users.

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