Big Slump in Social Media Presence

Big Slump in Social Media Presence

When it comes to social media marketing strategies to improve your business’ presence and generate more sales, social media marketing has become the best medium used by many businesses in recent years.  

However, recent changes by social media platforms – think Facebook, means you are going to experience big slumps and need to counteract that drop in other areas.

For a lot of businesses, having social media accounts does not change the way their sales marketing performs nor does their company gain better online visibility. Why?

Social media is supposed to be the most powerful business tool that most companies use to gain more sales and online presence. What must be the reasons why your social media marketing efforts are still not giving you the results you have desired?

There are many reasons – some in your control; some not in your control.

Why social media changes are out of your control

Mark Zuckerberg announced earlier this year that Facebook is changing its algorithm to go back to its original roots and make it more valuable for personal interaction rather than being filled with business activity.

This highlights to us that we don’t have ownership over our accounts on these types of social media platforms; therefore we have no control as to how visible we are.

Think about it.

There are 2 billion users on Facebook (not to mention the number of business pages and groups). It’s a tough market to break into – even if you are targeting your ideal audience.

Tip: Always stay on top of the platforms and databases you use in business so that you know when changes are going to happen and how it directly affects you.

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Counteract with strategies within your control

Too often, especially for solopreneurs and SME’s, businesses are unsure as to how they should strategise their online marketing. This results in businesses:

  • being unsure as to how to promote their presence,
  • suffer a loss of visibility, and most likely,
  • a loss of lead generation for sales.

If your business is struggling with social media, it may be:

  • the strategies you are using are not properly planned, or
  • you don’t have a plan at all.

Either way, it is hurting your bottom line.

Tip: Use campaigns and duplicate on all platforms so that if algorithm changes were to happen by one platform’s “owner”, it isn’t going to affect you.

We now uncover the social media marketing mistakes that are often used by many businesses in their online campaigns and how to avoid making the same mistakes.

Attempting social media marketing without any goals
When you engage in social media marketing, you must know why you are online and what outcome you want to achieve for your business.

For example, if you have a new company that is all about cool, unique clothes and you want to grow visibility with followers and drive traffic to your website for sales; then your objective is to engage in social media posts that will make an impact for your ideal audience.

Take into account:

  • images used to grab attention,
  • the wording used to entice people, and
  • the call-to-action (CTA) you embed.

Tip: Often, especially when you are starting out in business or initiating a new social media strategy, it is trial-and-error. Use your analytics, it’s a powerful tool!

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Acknowledge your audience when they engage with you
Building your business and gaining trust in your audience means you need to be present on your social media accounts and engage with them.

Ensure your audience or customers feel that they are important to you by participating in social media discussions and other initiatives to keep them engaged and remain at the top of their mind.

For example, a person makes a positive comment about your cool clothing on the back of your engaging (targeted) post. Ensure you acknowledge their comment and respond to it.

Tip: Always stay true to your business’ tone of voice and keep that tone of voice consistent in all that you do from emails to social media posts to responding to comments/enquiries.

Keep personal and business separate when mingling in your social media accounts
When creating your personal profile and business page accounts on social media platforms, always bear in mind who is projecting and responding to each account and be consistent!

For instance, your business page will always post, comment and respond as your business named account. You would not post as your business and comment or respond as yourself (personally).

An exception to this rule is for coaches, and others, whose personal name is their business name/brand. Though you’d still have a separate personal Facebook account and a separate professional business page.

Always be consistent in delivering the “right” information
Posting relevant engaging content is one of the most powerful tools to drive people to your blog or website.

You must provide relevant content that is highly informative.

Your blog can also be used to address some people’s own enquiries. You can use that content to create a social media post (then address in a video to drive higher engagement) and then highlight in an email to your subscribers.  

Be consistent with providing relevant content on your social media platforms, in your blogs and your newsletters.

You must not stop searching for ways to provide your followers with informative content and use this strategy to draw more people to your business.

Tip: Know your ideal audience’s pain points and “speak” to them.

Social media strategies are our business and it is our passion to work with business owners to ensure they are being seen and achieving their goals – in the most cost-effective and timely way.

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