The ability to measure social media success is very important as social media is one of the most effective key platforms businesses measure to determine their success.

If you are a business owner who posts to social media, i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc., because everyone else is doing it – you are missing real opportunities to build your audience, connect with them and grow your business. Here are 6 Steps to measure Social Media success:

Step 1 – Identify your goals.

Right from the start, you need a goal. A goal on why you are visible on each social media platform and what outcomes you expect. We recommend you have realistic, clear and systematic goals to achieve your outcomes. Just like in real life, planning a step by step process and targeting short-term goals to reach longer goals are important to achieve success in social media marketing.

Step 2 – Be familiar with analytic tools.

Analytics can help you measure the success of your marketing endeavours so that you can engage with your audience at optimal times and also to help you self-check if your messaging is aligned to your purpose.

Just as you can apply analytic tools for your website, you also have analytic tools at your fingertips when it comes to your social media accounts. These tools will assist you in the analysis of your audience, your postings and the engagement you get from them.

Analytics can help you understand your audience and whether or not you are sending the “right” messages to your target audience.

Analytics will inform you as to:

  • whether your visitor/follower is male/female,
  • their age range,
  • number of likes/followers,
  • number of unfollows,
  • the optimal times your audience is online, and the days of the week.

All of the above data will help you to set a realistic and targeted social media strategy.

Step 3 – Be familiar with ROI (Return on Investment).

This measure evaluates the efficiency of your investment; more so with Facebook. For example, if you run Facebook Ads, you are able to determine from reporting as to the number of:

  • likes,
  • comments,
  • shares,
  • clicks, and
  • cost per click/engagement,

your post has received. This will enable you to determine whether or not your post has hit the mark and whether or not you have reached your targeted audience.

You should consider the goals for each of your campaigns in social marketing and whether or not it is to drive traffic to your website. A carefully crafted campaign can help you increase your number of subscribers, followers and fans.

Step 4 – Create a strategic plan.

Creating strategies for your social media is not as daunting as it may appear, it’s a matter of knowing your business, your reason for ‘why’, who your ‘avatar’ is and ensuring that all your messaging speaks to that avatar. We recommend you name that avatar and whenever you are setting a plan in place, you ensure that you always “speak” to that person.

Step 5 – Interact with your audience.

It’s important that your finger on the pulse and respond to any comments or messages you may receive. Being able to do so, and in a timely manner, means that you are engaging with your audience and building rapport – which is very important!

Step 6 – Appoint a Social Media Manager

If you are unable to do so – because you are not skilled, or you just don’t have the time – you can always appoint an experienced Social Media Manager to manage your social media. Engaging with a Manager means that you will get more value for your money as they will work with you on your goals and manage your accounts; as well as providing analytical data to help determine future social media strategies.

Taking each of these steps into account when setting up with your social media platforms and content, means that you can achieve realistic engagement. Ensure you keep the content interesting and varied to hold their attention.

Bonus tip: you don’t need to be on every platform! For example, if you are a services business – it may not be viable to be on Instagram. If you are product based, Instagram and Pinterest may be your ideal platforms. Make sure you research and be on the platforms you need to be on for better engagement, than spend time on social media platforms that not ideal for your business.

If you’d like to discuss social media and how it can be of a significant benefit to your business, contact me on 1800 429 539.