Are Facebook ads right
for your business?

Facebook & Instagram Marketing for Business

With 71% of Australians on Facebook every night and 40% of U.S Businesses already using Facebook as part of their marketing plan – its time your business started utilising Facebook Ads on Facebook and Instagram. But is investing in Facebook Ads the right thing for your business right now?

Why is Facebook different to other forms of Advertising?

Compared with traditional forms of advertising such as the Newspaper, Radio or television, Facebook is much more affordable, flexible and specific.Facebook advertising uses the Facebook algorithm and the Facebook pixel to highly target specific groups of people with your advertising message. There are many different objectives available to choose for your advertising from broadly advertising a brand message to pushing leads through a marketing funnel towards a sale. Some of the tools are simple to use, however, the further involved with Facebook you become and the more time and money you spend, the more important it becomes to engage a professional to do the work for you.


Why choose Hayley Jane Marketing?

Hayley Jane Marketing has 3 1/2 years experience using Facebook to Market professional services and has obtained her Facebook Blueprint certification in Facebook Advertising, Advertising with Reach Objective, Split Testing and Pixel Implementation. To ensure Hayley Jane Marketing keeps up to date with the constantly changing platform, we are part of the Eight Loop Social Facebook Mastermind Group, Facebook Ad Hacks Group and Facebook Ads that convert group.

How do I know if Facebook ads are right for my business?

1. Budget

Facebook ads work really well for branding your business and showing potential clients an offer. Think about what each conversion is worth to you and ask yourself how many clients you are aiming to acquire. You should have a budget of no less than 20% of this. It’s about “return on investment”.

2. Website

Facebook ads drive potential clients to your website. Your website needs to look consistent with your Facebook ads and show the same branding and offers, it needs to be safe and secure, mobile responsive and fast. If any of these things are not right, this will impact your results.

3. Product/Service

You must have something you are trying to sell to your client. Great content like product photography or professional business videography will engage your audience and keep them interested. A library of photos, consistent messages, and educational content will help your audience fall in love with your product/service.

Facebook ads are right for my business!

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