If you recently saw or heard about, Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement that family and friend’s posts will be prioritised in the Facebook news feed, you may have either;

  1. Entered panic mode! or
  2. Don’t care

We’re here to tell you not to panic, but also don’t do anything either!

It’s important to know that your business’ Facebook posts can still gain traction, BUT you will need to be thoughtful about what you post. This will mean you will need to:

  • Be consistent with your postings with a social media posting plan
  • Vary the content in your Facebook posts

When varying the content for your Facebook posts, we recommend you use:

  • Images. These could be of you at your desk, your team, at an event etc.
  • Videos. These could be educational, instructional, demonstrational, awareness.
  • Competitions that involve an action from the audience and liking and sharing.
  • Ask for opinions, people always like to have their say.
  • Provide variety, with a mix of business related and authentic social related posts
  • Tag your co-workers, or have them share your business Facebook posts to gain greater audience exposure.

If you follow the above, you will most likely remain relevant and therefore show in people’s Facebook news feed. However, you’re still competing against many others for a place in your follower’s news feed and that is never going to change! Only consistent posting and engaging content will help with that.

On another note, the news feed algorithm changes will NOT affect paid Facebook Ads.

This means that you can promote your business (products and/or services) with Facebook Ads to gain awareness and followers of your content. If Social Media is where your clients are, you will need to have a social media advertising budget to ensure you are visible.

Are there other ways you can engage your targeted audience?

Yes, of course, there are!

Instagram has seen a rise in sign-ups since Facebook’s announcement.

The good news about Instagram, (a consistent and growing platform) is that a really nice image with relatable, engaging content will quickly get you likes and followers. Add the right hashtags, so you can also be easily found. You can search relevant hashtags on Instagram or online.

When you’re competing against millions of other businesses on these social channels – we’re all in the same boat. They’re not exclusive – hence the increase in targeted Facebook Ads to really get in front of users who are most likely to engage with your offering.

We recommend that when you review your social media marketing plan, that you do your research. If your business is a professional service (not a product based business), it can take longer to get results from social media. It’s harder to “sell” services than to sell products. But if you persevere with a good education strategy, and an offer, you can get some great results.

If 2018 is the year you would like to reach more customers on social media – Hayley Jane Marketing can help you do that. We create effective:

  1. Social media marketing plans.
  2. Engaging images and content for your posts.
  3. Facebook/Instagram Ads.

Contact us at 1800 429 539. We are experts in social media, have a variety of social media content and advertising packages and have strategies to drive business to you.