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Custom Graphic Design projects
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We don’t want anyone to leave us without being 100% happy with their Graphic Design project. We care about what you want from your brand and implement that into our designs.

Why is good graphic design important?

Good graphic design enables businesses to effectively convey the value of their services or products to their clientele. Even the most boring subject matter can be brought to life with good graphic design.

Why Hayley Jane Marketing?

We create Graphic Design products that communicate your business vision.  We work with you to create design work that resonates with your vision and engages your target market as well.

Our Graphic Design services

Logo Design

We work with you to create the face of your company. Your logo is the first thing that your clients, and any potential prospects will associate with your business. Often it’s used as a measure of your companies services and products, especially in our modern world where time is such a valuable commodity.

We sit with you and run through the values and culture behind your company, and use this to help craft a logo that matches what you want your business to be, and what you want your clients to see.



We work with you to create stunning printed advertising material to distribute to your customers. Beautiful and informative printed material is a great way to make a lasting impression and leave your mark.

We love neat and clean brochure designs. We use your brand elements and combine with compelling copy and beautiful images to communicate your value proposition to your prospects.

Photograpic Style/Tone

Another important aspect of branding is your photographic style, or “tone”. Whether you are using your own photography, buying photo’s, or using free stock images, having a photographic style will help you pick photos that match the guidelines outlined by your photographic style.

A consistent brand is a strong brand.

Branded Email Signature

Having a your email signature match your brand makes you look that much more professional. You will be spending countless hours of your working year in your emails. We make sure that you get something out of that time for your business identity by branding your email signature.

Letter Head Design

A business letterhead to communicate your brand through your correspondence. The design is for digital only and does not include the print cost – however, if you would like to print the design we can organise that for you at an additional cost.

Logo Style Guide

We provide you with a Logo Style guide, so anyone who uses your logo knows how you would like it displayed. You can ask any designer or agency to create advertising, signs or a website designer and they will be guided by this document.

Something Extra?


Hayley Jane Marketing has relationships with local printers. We trust their quality and know that you will be happy with the results that they provide. We handle all correspondence with our trusted printers so you have time to stick to your business.

Logo Animation & Motion Graphics

Looking to add some dynamic to your logo? More and more businesses are looking toward video to get their brand out there. We keep your potential clients entertained with our fantastic motion graphics. We create unique and exciting motion graphics for your logo! Please inquire for quote.