Many business owners are unaware that visibility is key to discovery. We outline how to fix your online visibility with Google AdWords. Here are a few common mistakes when using Google AdWords and what to do instead. We also address the use of Digital Display Ads to capture your audience’s attention.

Mistake 1: Misunderstanding Google

By failing to understand the power of Google, you are hurting your right to online visibility, driving search traffic to your website, your social media accounts – your brand! 

Though you may think paid Google Ads is as simple as setting up an AdWords account, inputting some detail and your customers will find you – it’s not that simple. More often than not you are paying a lot more than you need to and will still miss being seen by your ideal customer.

The result? Paying more than you need to and not seeing an increase in customer engagement converting to your website, or signing up to your email list.

Engage a Google certified practitioner to set your Ads properly. To ensure your Google AdWords is properly set-up for maximum visibility with lower costs. It is an investment you can’t do without.

Tailor Google AdWords information to your business. Be strategic with the information you use in your Google AdWords account; setting the right target audience parameters, along with keywords, will ensure that you are enticing your audience to click on your Ad.

Mistake 2: Set and Forget Mentality

A set and forget mentality of your Google AdWords account will result in your Ad slipping in search results.

If you spend 20 scheduled minutes a week reviewing your Google AdWords account, including keyword and competitor research, you will ensure that your Google AdWords listing will work hard for you.

Learn the ins-and-outs of Google AdWords. Google is quite comprehensive when it comes to AdWords – leading to confusion. Again, you should engage a Google certified practitioner to assist you; saving you time and money!

Mistake 3: Not Utilising Display Ads

Lack in understanding the difference between Google AdWords and Digital Display Ads can mean the difference between profit and loss.

Make your Digital Display Ads work hard for you, rather than the other way around.

Google Ads will display your paid listing at either the top or bottom of a Google keyword search page; Digital Display Ads will show your “ad” on targeted websites. 

Being strategic will get you in front of your target audience. Be strategic with your Digital Display Ads, they can be very beneficial to your business and image is everything. If you know where your target audience will be online, you can get in front of them by choosing the websites you need your digital ad to be seen.

Research Digital Display Ads. Digital Display Ads pop-up website pages you visit – they have been set to target their audience and the ads you see have been designed for you. Make sure you do the same with your business for your target market!

Tip: Next time you are on one of your favourite websites, e.g., click on an article and see all the display ads pop-up above the heading and on each side of the article. Those particular ads are shown to you because those businesses chose you to see them.

Note: Digital Display Ads will only work on websites that are monetised, e.g. Pay-Per-Click or Cost-Per-Impression.

We recently received Google AdWords certification. We can tailor Google Ads to your business, ensuring that you are getting the most for your money and grabbing the attention of people looking for your products or services.

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