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Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation are both methods used to rank your website on Google. Getting your business website to number 1 in Google ensures customers see your business. When searching for a business, most will choose from the first few listings on page 1 of Google. Google chooses the websites it ranks by matching keywords in the search query, to keywords on your website or adverts.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

For the privilege to rank in the top 3 spots on page 1 you pay Google with Google Ads. Google Ads, do not guarantee the number 1 spot, you still need to compete with other businesses by bidding. You also need to ensure that your website and adverts are of high quality, or Google will charge you more money and rank your ads lower. So it is important to get a professional to audit your website and set up your ads properly.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO requires you to work with a specialist. The specialist will perform SEO on your website and then implement an ongoing plan to rank you highly on Google. You do not pay Google for SEO, you pay an SEO specialist. However, caution should be used when choosing a specialist. Some outdated SEO techniques can prevent your website ranking at all and could even get you blacklisted. SEO and SEM can be used separately, together, or alongside a social media strategy.


Google adverts look similar to a regular search placement. Ads usually occupy the top 3 spots in any Google search.  You have probably clicked on ads many times without realising!


Search Engine Marketing vs SEO

 At Hayley Jane Marketing, our talent is for Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)

Our advertising campaigns are created in Google Adwords. Google Adwords search advertising is often referred to as PPC advertising, or pay per click, you pay Google when a customer clicks on your advert.

We set up and run ads for our clients on the Google search network and the Google Display network. We take the following steps to ensure your ads perform well;

  1. Keyword research for words that your customers are searching for.
  2. Manage your budget – Give us a budget and we will initially use this amount. We can advise you if this needs adjusting.
  3. Retargeting display ads so that anyone who has clicked on your website will be shown images of your business around the web.
  4. Monitor the performance of your ads and recommend changes that may need to be applied to your landing page. (This is the web page people see when they click your advert) and continually optimise your campaign on Google.
  5. Monthly reports on how your ads are performing, so you can see how many people are visiting your website. If you have an e-commerce website, we can track how many people are converting or purchasing from you.

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How to choose the right Marketing Agency?

At Hayley Jane Marketing we make it our business to keep up to date with digital marketing industry standards. We hold a current Google Adwords Search Certification. This means we have taken the current Adwords exam and passed.

We are also experienced in setting up Google Adwords search campaigns and have achieved amazing results for our clients. To see an actual report from one of our client’s recent campaigns, click here and see how often they ranked number 1 compared to their competitors.

How much does Search Engine Marketing cost?

We need to assess your business and work out a budget. We determine a realistic investment based on the following;

  1. The Product you are selling and how much the sale is worth ( this is so we can work out the bidding price)
  2. The location you wish to target ( local ads cost less than Australia Wide or International)
  3. How many services or products you are advertising
  4. You pay us an agency fee to set up and manage your account – the fee depends on how many types of ads you need to run and how big the budget is.

Our team works hard to manage your budget. We ensure that you are getting the most return for each dollar you spend on search engine marketing. We closely monitor SEM campaign analytics weekly. This means making changes on the fly to reduce costs and maximise clicks. We usually start with a testing phase using a lower budget. In the testing phase, we keep improving on the keywords we use and let Google’s machine learning improve your results. After testing is finished we advise you when to increase the budget. We already know that your ads are working well, so you get even better results.

Ranking in Google’s top 3 is an amazing way to boost business. Click below to book in for a chat about SEM with Hayley Jane Marketing.

Search Engine Marketing for number 1 on Google

Watch the video for a 3-minute explanation on SEO and Google Ads.

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