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Key Benefits of a Website

  • Marketing opportunities increase from “local” to global .
  • Digital sales save time and labour.
  • Elevated brand status
  • More cost-effective than brick and mortar.
  • Track marketing and business analytics

A beautiful Website, combined with other digital marketing is an ideal choice for e-commerce businesses or a business that has a sound product and looking to expand. View our portfolio below to see our work and see the tools we use to create the most beautiful and functional websites.

Hayley Jane

CEO , Hayley Jane Marketing

What type of website are you looking for?

DIY Websites

Looking to build a beautiful website that can easily be edited, changed, and updated as your business evolves, but aren’t sure where or how to start?
Do you want it to be simple and uncomplicated?

Professionally Designed Website

Don’t have time to be making edits after your website has been designed?
If you’re busy with your business, we can completely take designing and updating your website out of your hands.

DIY Friendly Websites

We work with you to build a beautiful website that matches your vision for your business. Once work is completed on your website, we hand over access to allow you to continue to update and manage your website through Wix’s user friendly website editing interface.

This allows you to keep your website’s content fresh and updated without having to pay additional fees to get a web developer to make changes for you.

Do you have the following?

  1. ABN
  2. Logo and/or Brand Guide

If you have an ABN and Logo (or Brand Guide) then you are ready to start building a Website. We can arrange a Domain name through WIX, or if you already have one, we can bring it across to the new website. We recommend a WIX site if you are happy to do your own website updates on an ongoing basis. If you need help, we can create the initial design and hand over control to you to maintain it. If you do not yet have a Logo or Brand guide, we can assist you with this before we start a new website.

To get started you need to pick a theme and sign up to WIX, then you can provide us with your login to take over. Click the link below to see some of the modern and pre-made themes on offer with Wix.

Did you know that Wix has 500+ templates to choose from? See more must-know facts about Wix by clicking this link.

Professionally Designed and Maintained Website

We understand that some business owners simply don’t have the time or the know how (or the time to get the know how) to be fiddling and changing their website to keep their online presence current and up to date. That’s why Hayley Jane Marketing & Design strives to provide our clients with professional web design services to build a website and maintain it for those who prefer to pay a professional to get it right the first time around.

We will help guide you through the website building process and provide you with prompt website updates and editing when you need it most.

Do you have the following?

  1. ABN
  2. Registered Domain Name
  3. Logo and/or Brand Guide

If you have an ABN, Registered Domain, and Logo (or Brand Guide) then you are ready to start building a WordPress website. If you need help organising a domain name or Logo and brand guide, we can help you do this before we start the website.

 Why WordPress?

WordPress is a flexible platform that allows web developers like ourselves to freely expand and modify a website to your taste. You don’t have to pay a higher monthly fee to add a few extra pages, and the website can easily be modified and adapted to fit any changes to your business.

Hosting – What is it, and who should we use?

If you’ve decided on a WordPress site, the next thing you have to think about is hosting. Hayley Jane Marketing & Design works with SiteGround to host our WordPress websites. SiteGround is the world’s number 1 recommended WordPress host and is the only WordPress hosting service we recommend you use. They provide technical support 24/7 via email, live chat through their website, and telephone. Once you have signed up to SiteGround, you can provide us with your login details and we can build your WordPress site for you.

Sign up with SiteGround today to get started.

Our Work

i-Print Co Website

Cobb & Co Website

RedFrog Bookkeeping Website

Advizr Website

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